Helpful Coaching Resources

This sections contains some helpful resources for both new and experienced coaches:

Training for Coaches

Chelmsford Youth Soccer believes that “the game is the greatest teacher” and that children will get better at soccer by playing, playing and more playing. We also believe that well-trained, resourceful coaches will enhance a child’s enjoyment of this beautiful sport. To that end, CYSA encourages coaches to take advantage of coaching courses being offered by Mass Youth Soccer Association (MYSA). Successful completion of these courses earn the coach a certificate or license that emphasizes proper coaching principles. We recommend that coaches at all levels take advantage of these courses. Upon recipt of your license certificate, CYSA will reimburse you the cost of the training course. Although there are no performance or written tests in the introductory courses (G, F and E), each involves a few hours of activity. To get the most out of each course, participation in the practical, active sessions is strongly encouraged, but is not required. This activity is not physically rigorous, and lasts approximately one half of each course. Please note, attendants must be 14 years of age in order to attend the G course and 16 years of age for all other courses, to receive license certification.

For more information on courses, follow the links to MYSA at the top of this page.

    Updated: 4 July 2007

Field Permits

As of the Spring 2004 season, the Chelmsford Recreation Commission has hired two Field Supervisors, Mr Paul Doherty and Mr. Jon Morris. Their responsibility will be to monitor the use of town fields and check permits during evening usage and on the weekends. CYSA coaches are advised to know their names and responsibilities. Also, the coaches are required to carry a copy of the field permit and use only the designated areas. Copies of the permits are available from your Coordinator.

Chelmsford Police have been authorized to remove players from the field if they can not show the field permit, if requested.

    Updated: 4 July 2007
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