Field Manager

Field Maps and Directions to Playing Fields

A map and directions to each playing field are available at the following locations:

Each field has adequate free parking and portable toilets.

No food sales or solicitation of any kind by organizations or individuals, other than CYSA, is allowed on any CYSA field.

There are no food concessions or trash barrels at any of the CYSA fields so players and spectators must bring their own food and drink. Please carry any refuse out with you on departing the fields.

Lastly, no pets are allowed on any CYSA fields. This includes all playing surfaces and sidelines. Please walk your dog elsewhere. People attending practices or games with pets will be asked to leave the field.

CYSA Soccer Fields

CYSA is proud of the eleven natural turf fields it has constructed or refurbished at five sites in Chelmsford to serve the association and its programs. Each field was constructed to be level and well drained, even under the most severe rains. All fields are carefully maintained to ensure a safe and quality playing surface. Each field complex is equipped with its own well and irrigation system to provide the water required keep the grass lush and green. CYSA also conducts a comprehensive program to seed, fertilize and mow its fields to keep them in top playing condition. That is why the CYSA soccer fields are ... the best around!

Field Assignor
Tim McGaughey
Field Layout and Lines
Betsy Hamill

Use of CYSA Fields

CYSA fields are permitted for our exclusive use by the Chelmsford School Department or Conservation Commission. Use of the fields by other groups is not permitted without the permission of CYSA. When not in use by CYSA programs, the soccer fields are available for limited use by other soccer organizations. CYSA reserves the right to limit the type and duration of activities to preserve the quality and safety of the playing surfaces. If you are interested in using the fields, please contact the Field Assigner.

Field News

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