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Fall 2021 Season Information



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  • Important Links
  • FAQ
  • Guide for Parents & Guardians
  • COVID-19 Precautions
  • President's Message
  • Program Overview

    This season we are back to offering the standard programs while adhering to the required COVID protocols.  

    ProgramStart Date - End DateFields
     Travel SoccerPractice starts
    Games start 
    Season Ends

    Coaches have discretion over practices; games are set by MYSL

    Dates may vary based on weather conditions
     Intramural Grade 1 & 2Practice starts 9/6
    Season ends 10/30

    Practice one night per week for 1 hour

    Games are at various times (9am, 10:30am, 12pm)

    Dates may vary based on weather conditions
    South Row
     Intramural Grade 3 & 4Practice starts 9/6
    Season ends10/26

    Practice runs 1 night per week for 1.5 hours

    Games are every Saturday afternoon (12:30pm, 2pm, 3:30pm)

    Dates may vary based on weather conditions
     Clinic, Pre K and KSessions start 9/11
    Sessions end 10/30 

    Teams meet Saturdays
    Kindergarten - 9am - 10am
    Pre-K - 10:30am - 11:30am

    Dates may vary based on weather conditions
     Mini KicksStart date 9/19
    End date 10/24

    Times: 3 sessions
    • 9am - 10am
    • 10am - 11am
    • 11am - 12m

    Sessions meet Sunday morning

    Dates may vary based on weather conditions

    Guide for Parents and Guardians

    Rules for Spectators

    All spectators must wear a face covering at all times while outside the car and Spectators maintain 6 foot distance at all times (between family pods)

    Only 2 spectators per player is allowed near the field (minors are allowed as needed to accommodate child care requirements).

    Face Coverings and Social Distancing for Players

    ** The only allowable face coverings for players are those that have only ear loops and do *not* go around the head. This means gaiters and other masks that attach behind the head are prohibited. This is due to a potential choking hazard if the face covering is inadvertently pulled by another player.

    1. All players must be in possession of an approved face covering at all times (even if just in their hands or in their pocket).

    2. Face coverings must be worn (covering the mouth and nose) to and from the car and when on the sidelines during games/drills.

    3. Face coverings must be worn (covering the mouth and nose) on the field during games/drills whenever players come within 10 feet of anyone.

    4. When on the field but not within 10 feet of anyone, face coverings may be kept pulled down, etc. for easier breathing, as long as the face covering can be quickly pulled over the mouth and nose before coming within 10 feet of anyone.


    Games are back to a normal event but COVID protocols will be required.

    Players and spectators must not arrive for games earlier than 5 minutes before game start, and once the game is over players and spectators must immediately clear the fields so that we can bring in the next group.  We are building in gaps between games to facilitate this but because of the restrictions on the total number of people allowed we will need to clear the space quickly in anticipation of the next group arriving.

    Modified Gameplay

    In addition to the face covering rules above, the following rules are mandated by Mass Youth Soccer for all practices and games:

    Distancing: Players maintain 6 foot distance on the sidelines, no physical contact, fist bumps, etc. 

    Masks: All players wear masks off field at all times and on field (exception: brief mask break when not within 6' of someone else). All spectators wear masks at all times. Player masks must be the ear-loop type

    Hand washing: All players should have hand sanitizer and should use frequently

    Symptoms: Don't come to events if having symptoms, coaches watch out for symptoms.

    Player Equipment

    Every player should wear/bring the following equipment to every practice and game:

    • Two shirts: One white and one maroon

    • Face covering (and an extra in case one breaks or gets lost/contaminated)

    • Hand sanitizer

    • Soccer ball (Size 3 for grades 1&2, size 4 for grades 3-6, and size 5 for grades 7&8)

    • Water bottle

    • Shin pads and socks, soccer cleats (no baseball cleats) or sneakers

    Players are not allowed to share equipment or to touch any other players equipment, including soccer balls, etc.

    Important Links

    Massachusetts Soccer Rules for COVID-19

    (All soccer play in the state must adhere to these rules.)


    COVID-19 Precautions

    CYSA Is committed to ensuring a safe "return to soccer" season. An overview of the steps we are taking includes:

    • All youth soccer programs in the state must abide by the Mass Youth Soccer guidelines as detailed on their web site (click here).

    • Parents and players must comply with the rules described in the Mass Youth Soccer Player Waiver

    • Each team has a COVID Coordinator who takes attendance at every activity (for contact tracing purposes) and helps the coach ensure that COVID guidelines are being followed.

    ** If you see anyone not complying with any of the COVID guidelines, please notify your team's COVID Coordinator or email the CYSA President ([email protected]) so we can correct the problem.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Answers to Frequently Asked Questions will be added here as we receive questions...


    What time should I arrive to the field for weekday training and Saturday games? 


    We ask that you arrive less than 10 minutes before your session time.  We want to minimize the amount of players at the fields to help with social distancing.


    My child’s friend is playing after their game on Saturday, can we stick around to watch some of it?


    We ask that parents and players leave the field area right away after all sessions.  Please do not hang around and socialize.  Exiting right after the session will help ensure social distancing.


    I cannot get my child to a session, is it OK to have them carpool with another family?


    This is highly discouraged and should only be done as a last resort.  Carpooling does not align with best practices for social distancing.  If there are no other options then everyone in the car should be wearing a mask for the entire ride.
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