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Fall 2020 Season Information



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  • Program Overview

    Due to COVID-19, this season we are offering only an in-town program for players in Grades 1 through 8.

    The program is grouped by age (Grades 1&2, Grades 3&4, Grades 5&6, and Grades 7&8) and consists of 1 practice a week for Grades 1&2 and 2 practices a week for other ages, plus one competitive fun activity on Saturday. All practices and activities will adhere to current state and Mass Youth Soccer guidelines for non-contact, socially distanced youth sports.

    Practices start the week of September 21 with the first Saturday activity on September 26th. The season will run for 6 weeks with the last Saturday activity on October 31st.

    The fee is $75 and registration closed on August 31. The cancellation fee is $25 on or before September 20,  no refund after September 20.

    Registration requests after August 31, 2020 will be assessed a $25 late fee per registrant and are subject to availability. To be placed on the wait list, click here to register and you will be notified if there is space available.

    Guide for Parents and Guardians

    Team Composition

    This season our teams are grouped by age (Grades 1&2, Grades 3&4, Grades 5&6 and Grades 7&8).  They are balanced for skill levels since our competitions will be in town only. Also, the teams are all co-ed.  These steps were necessary to provide enough teams for competition, the right balance of kids to volunteers, and the right balance of skills on each team so no team had a competitive advantage over another. 

    Note that the teams are not ordered, i.e. Team 1 is no better than Team 10,  etc. Each team in an age group should be equal in overall skill level.

    Rules for Spectators

    All spectators must wear a face covering at all times while outside the car and maintain a 6 foot distance from anyone else.

    Only 1 spectator per player is allowed near the field (minors are allowed as needed to accommodate child care requirements).

    Face Coverings and Social Distancing for Players

    ** The only allowable face coverings for players are those that have only ear loops and do *not* go around the head. This means gaiters and other masks that attach behind the head are prohibited. This is due to a potential choking hazard if the face covering is inadvertently pulled by another player.

    1. All players must be in possession of an approved face covering at all times (even if just in their hands or in their pocket).

    2. Face coverings must be worn (covering the mouth and nose) to and from the car and when on the sidelines during games/drills.

    3. Face coverings must be worn (covering the mouth and nose) on the field during games/drills whenever players come within 10 feet of anyone.

    4. When on the field but not within 10 feet of anyone, face coverings may be kept pulled down, etc. for easier breathing, as long as the face covering can be quickly pulled over the mouth and nose before coming within 10 feet of anyone.


    Practices start the week of Sep 21st and end by October 30th. Your player's coach will contact you to let you know what time the practices will start. Note that due to the changing sunset times, practice times will need to be adjusted throughout the season to ensure that practices are completed before dark.

    **All players must submit a signed waiver to their coach before being able to practice with the team. Click here for the waiver to print out and sign. By signing this waiver you are promising to comply with the guidelines on the waiver for every practice and game the player attends.


    By "games" we mean the Human Foosball activity scheduled for Saturdays. It is not a standard soccer game, but it is competitive nonetheless while maintaining separation between players. Click here for a description of this game.

    First games will be on Saturday September 26th and will continue for 6 weeks with the last games on Saturday October 31st.

    Players and spectators must not arrive for games earlier than 5 minutes before game start, and once the game is over players and spectators must immediately clear the fields so that we can bring in the next group.  We are building in 25 minute gaps between games to facilitate this but because of the restrictions on the total number of people allowed we will need to clear the space quickly in anticipation of the next group arriving.

    Modified Gameplay

    In addition to the face covering rules above, the following rules are mandated by Mass Youth Soccer for all practices and games:

    1. No intentional player-to-player contact is allowed, on or off the field. High-fives, fist bumps, etc. are also prohibited.

    2. No touching the ball or other shared equipment with hands. The exception to this is that the keeper can touch the ball when necessary and sanitize their hands as often as possible.

    3. No heading the ball.

    4. Throw-ins are replaced by kick-ins, corner kicks are replaced by corner kick-ins, dropped balls are replaced by free kicks.

    5. No slide tackles.

    6. Players must remain at least 6 feet from other players for all restarts.

    Player Equipment

    Every player should wear/bring the following equipment to every practice and game:

    • Two shirts: One white and one maroon/dark

    • Face covering (and an extra in case one breaks or gets lost/contaminated)

    • Hand sanitizer

    • Soccer ball (Size 3 for grades 1&2, size 4 for grades 3-6, and size 5 for grades 7&8)

    • Water bottle

    • Shin pads and socks, soccer cleats (no baseball cleats) or sneakers

    Players are not allowed to share equipment or to touch any other players equipment, including soccer balls, etc.


    There are no porta-potties at any fields due to Covid restrictions. Please ensure your players go to the bathroom before soccer activities.

    Important Links

    Massachusetts Soccer Rules for COVID-19

    (All soccer play in the state must adhere to these rules.)


    CYSA Fall Season Information


    COVID-19 Precautions

    CYSA Is committed to ensuring a safe "return to soccer" season. An overview of the steps we are taking includes:

    • All youth soccer programs in the state must abide by the Mass Youth Soccer guidelines as detailed on their web site (click here).

    • Face covering policy, social distancing guidelines, and gameplay modifications are described above in the Parents Guide.

    • Parents and players must comply with the rules described in the Mass Youth Soccer Player Waiver

    • Each team has a COVID Coordinator who takes attendance at every activity (for contact tracing purposes) and helps the coach ensure that COVID guidelines are being followed.

    ** If you see anyone not complying with any of the COVID guidelines, please notify your team's COVID Coordinator or email the CYSA President ([email protected]) so we can correct the problem.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Answers to Frequently Asked Questions will be added here as we receive questions...


    Why isn't there a program for younger than Grade 1?


    Due to the more unpredictable behavior of the younger children, we did not feel that we could safely offer a program that could maintain the required social distancing and mask behavior.


    I'm not participating this season, can I get a refund?


    Yes, if you have a credit you can either keep that credit in your account for future seasons or you can request a refund. To request a refund, send an email to [email protected] with your name and the child(s) names for whom you're requesting a refund. Otherwise, the credit will remain on your account for future use.


    What time should I arrive to the field for weekday training and Saturday activities? 


    We ask that you arrive less than 15 minutes before your session time.  We want to minimize the amount of players at the fields to help with social distancing.


    My child’s friend is playing after their game on Saturday, can we stick around to watch some of it?


    We ask that parents and players leave the field area right away after all sessions.  Please do not hang around and socialize.  Exiting right after the session will help ensure social distancing.


    I cannot get my child to a session, is it OK to have them carpool with another family?


    This is highly discouraged and should only be done as a last resort.  Carpooling does not align with best practices for social distancing.  If there are no other options then everyone in the car should be wearing a mask for the entire ride.


    Why is CYSA not participating in the MYSL travel league this fall?


    We are aligning with what most other towns are doing.  Our goal is to provide the best possible soccer experience with a focus on safety. There are only a small number of towns participating in MYSL which would have limited travel games to only a couple of surrounding towns.  We believe that the increase in risk/safety significantly outweighed the value of playing these other towns.

    President's Message

    To our CYSA Families -

    We hope you are all well, and want to thank you very much for your patience over these last few months as we've tried to figure out how to salvage a fall soccer season in these unprecedented times. After much discussion, debate and consideration of your feedback via our survey, we are excited to finally announce that CYSA will be running a "COVID-compliant" soccer program this fall!

    We have heard loud and clear that you want to get the kids out on the fields to play, and that it should be done safely, taking into account the current COVID pandemic.  As a result of the current situation, we will be running an in-town program for grades 1 thru 8.  This program will be separated by age groups (similar to previous intramural and travel programs) and will consist of 1-2 practices a week plus one competitive fun activity on Saturday (an example of the type of activity is shown here). These practices and activities will adhere to current state and Mass Youth Soccer guidelines for non-contact, socially-distanced youth sports. We will not be running a travel program this season as inter-town travel is not currently recommended.  This approach is consistent with many of our fellow towns which are part of the Middlesex Youth Soccer League.

    The primary goal for this season will be to provide the kids a safe organized activity to play with friends. This is new territory for all of us, and we will need to remain flexible to adapt the current plan if the COVID situation changes as the season progresses. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through everything.  We want our kids to safely maintain/develop their soccer skills while minimizing risk due to the pandemic.  We will need your support and compliance with the rules as we lay them out over the coming weeks.

    Since CYSA is a 100% volunteer organization, we will also need enough parent volunteers to make this season happen successfully and safely. In addition to at least two coaches per team, we will also need a "COVID Coordinator" per team (Role Description link). This person will perform duties such as tracking attendance, ensuring all players and coaches have sufficient personal protective equipment, etc. This role can be filled by any parent (or parents) since it does not require any soccer knowledge. If you are able to help, please consider volunteering as part of the registration process.  Without sufficient volunteers, we will have to take steps to scale back the activities that we are able to provide.

    If you're interested in learning more about the guidelines we need to follow, the Massachusetts state guidelines for youth sports can be found at this link, and the Mass Youth Soccer soccer-specific guidelines can be found at this link.

    Again, we are grateful for your continued support.  Our commitment to provide a fun and safe soccer program remains unwavering.  As always, we appreciate your feedback.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any feedback or questions.

    Jim McNally
    President, Chelmsford Youth Soccer Association