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Fall 2020 Human Foosball Rules

Foosball Guide

RULES as of 9/30/20:
** Rules with some changes

1.     Play 8 v 8 (coaches can opt to modify rules to improve play when both teams agree – can change at half).  1 Defender and 2 opposing sideline runners.**

2.     Shots on net should only be done by Forwards and Forward sideline runner.  Players should look for clear path shots to the net and not shoot directly at defenders. **

3.     Sideline runner cannot dribble forward or backward – must act as a wall pass. Coaches can decide if play is improved by allowing sideline runner to dribble. **

4.     Players may reach one foot over the line into an opposing player’s box to attempt to steal the ball, as long as their body remains in their box. **

5.     Home team starts off with ball in their defensive row in front of the keeper – away team start for the second half

6.     Anything going out of bounds is a kick in by the opposite team from the closest box

7.     Field sizes – Gr 1&2, Gr 3&4, and Gr 5-8

8.     No time wasting – clear wasting of time is loss of ball to opposing team

9.     Players must stay within their box (loss of ball to the other team if they dribble the ball outside of their box)

10. No player contact – no tackling, no throw ins – focus on passing and possession

11. Passes should be below shoulder level.  No lofting it over opponents.

12. Passes and shots should be taken on the run or from the feet to simulate real game conditions, i.e. no planting the ball and taking a set shot just because opponents cannot pressure.

13. No corner kicks or punts

14. Out of bounds over the end line – either goal kick or free kick to side runner of offensive team

15. Any rule violation results in a free kick at the closest box

16. Coaches will referee the games – no CYSA provided refs

17. Coaches MUST rotate players to all field positions throughout the match

18. Equal Playing time for all players

19. Substitutions on any stoppage

20. 1 Hour and 5-minute game (2 30-minute halves with a 5 minute break between halves)

21. No uniforms – home team white shirts and away team maroon/dark shirts – players should bring light and dark shirts just in case.

Also, here's a YouTube video of an example of a foosball game: