Chelmsford Youth Soccer Association

Getting assignments through CYSA

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The process of securing referee assignments from the CYSA Referee Director is as follows:

1)   Obtain the required referee certification (see “Want to become a Referee”)

2)   Register with the CYSA Referee Director

3)   During the season respond to the weekly ‘Referee Availability’ email

4)   Inform the CYSA Referee Director that you ‘Accept’ your assignments

Once you have obtained the required referee certification and registered with the CYSA Referee Director you will receive a weekly ‘Referee Availability’ request email from the director asking for your availability (times when you can work matches on the next indicated match day).  Typically, the director will send an email on Saturday evening or Sunday asking for your availability the next weekend.  The order of responses is taken into account when assigning matches.  The referee director will then complete the assignments and inform you of your assignments (if any) on Monday or Tuesday.  The final step is to accept your assignments within 48-hours of the assignment notification or the matches will be reassigned.  The method by which matches are assigned and accepted is different depending upon which organization the match is for.  All U8/U10 in town intramural matches are assigned and accepted via email with the CYSA referee director at   All MYSL travel matches (center or AR) are done via Sportsmanager.  Instructions for receiving and accepting your assignments through MYSL are below.

 A few notes about responding to the ‘Referee Availability’ request email:

1)   Even if you cannot work that weekend, respond letting the referee director know.  If you do not respond after three weeks, the referee director can remove you from the referee database.

2)   Preference for assignments will go to those referees who respond weekly and provide the CYSA referee director with the most flexibility of time for assignments.  If you only are available every other week for 2-3 hours, then most likely you will not get any assignments.

3)   Be very specific about your availability.  Saying ‘afternoon’ or ‘morning’ is not enough information for the assignor.  Responses that are specific, such as ‘From 8am and last match completed by 1pm’ allow the referee director to align your availability with matches.

The Sportsmanager system is used by MYSL and CYSA to assign matches, accept matches and report matches for all MYSL travel matches.  Email from the CYSA referee director is used to assign and accept CYSA Intramural U8 and U10 matches.

In spring season, the MYSL Referee Assignor will assign all U12, U14, U16 and U18 Center Referee (CR) matches for all MYSL towns and venues (including Chelmsford) as well as U16 and U18 Assistant Referee (AR) assignments.  Note that MYSL Travel U10, U12 and U14 matches are played on Saturday and MYSL Travel U16 and U18 matches are played on Sunday.  In spring season, the CYSA referee director will assign the U10 MYSL Travel CR assignments in Chelmsford, and all U12 and U14 AR assignments in Chelmsford, as well as the CYSA U8 and U10 Intramural matches.

In fall season, the CYSA referee director assigns all Chelmsford home game CR and AR assignments for CYSA U8 and U10 Intramural as well as MYSL Travel U10, U12, and U14 matches (CR and AR).

If you want to be eligible for MYSL Travel match CR assignments (I.e.,  spring season U12 and U14 CR assignments, as well as U16 and U18 CR and AR assignments) you must set up a referee account with MYSL Referee via Sportsmanager ( and you must communicate with the MYSL Assignor (Al Cosentino) about your season availability befor the season.