Chelmsford Youth Soccer Association

Local Game Rules

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Chelmsford Youth Soccer uses a modified Laws of the Game for all in town intramural games that aligns with the US Soccer recommendation for the youth programs.  All referees who work these games must be knowledgeable about the local rules and apply them when appropriate.

In town Intramural U8

The U8 in town program consists of games played with a 4v4 format and no keepers.  Games are on a smaller field (roughly 40 yards by 30 yards) and consist of an unlimited number of 6 minute periods until the 60 minute block is over.  There is no substitution during each six minute period unless a player is injured.  All free kicks are indirect.  The Rules of Competition for U8 can seen HERE.

In town Intramural U10

The U10 in town program follows the same Rules of Competition as the MYSL U10 program.  Games consist of two 25 minute halves with substitution during throw-ins, goal kicks, and kick offs.  The format of play is 6v6 with a keeper.  The offside law (Law 11) is not applied at this level.  The Rules of Competition for U10 can be seen HERE.